About Inter-Global Energy & Marine Services

Maritime Transactions

Interglobal Energy and Marine Services Ltd. Founded in 2009, is an energy, ship brokerage and Marine Consultancy Company with solid expertise, in Marine Logistics Support Services, Drilling Support Services, and Environmental Engineering Concept Services.


The company is focused on its core business area. West Africa sourcing vessels (Tankers, offshore supply vessels, Tugs, barges and security boats for purchase from around the globe and supplying them to businesses in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. Couple with bunkering activities within Oil and Gas Terrains of the Gulf of Guinea and beyond.


Interglobal has source interest from hundreds of companies and individual particularly in the downstream segment of the oil and gas industry, but currently serves a core group of 15 solid customers.


Interglobal concentrate in ship acquisitions, services it provides include sourcing vessels on the international market and consultancy on Fleet expansion and Maritime business strategy which also involves marine logistics support methodology. Couple with Trading in Oil and Gas operations and Environmental Engineering Concept Services.

Our View

Shipping can be lucrative business and everyone wants a piece of the business and everyone wants a piece of the action. However the majority of buyers do not have the experience to make it work. New owners tend to buy ships, but do not manage them correctly, and when problems such as finance, maintenance, crew, accidents and piracy arise, there is no back-up. You cannot just buy a ship and expect to make money tomorrow.

Recently, we have added more emphasis on Marine logistics services. This is due to the high demand of these services within Oil and gas terrains of our operations. Based on the experiences acquired over the years alongside Maritime consultancy, we found it relatively the same operations. Hence, our expansion and focus towards this operations.

We are now more involved with offshore and downstream Logistic Services in Marine supplies and transportation services.

This entails the following:

  • Offshore supply and support vessels
  • Marine and drilling support personnel services
  • Rig positioning and manning services
  • Vessel chartering and operations
  • Ship management
  • Ship chandelling operations.
  • Oil Bunkering  Activities
  • Environmental Engineering Concepts Services.

Interglobal Energy and Marine Services is a strong service provider in customized Marine Support Solutions to the International oil and gas terminal industries, with a provision delivery based on safe, efficient and professional Operations. Since it is a terrain that we are already familiar with, we are blessed with specialist in rapidly opening and operating supply corridor, in remote and harsh environments. “85 bollard pull” and a 2,500 tonner tanker activities can be expanded within the above marine Operations with additional fleet of five vessels which can be engaged immediately by the company working with services companies that engaged in offshore drilling and production activities. In addition to this, is also to develop our own remotely operated vessel repair facility soonest, with our present vessels of Tugboat of 85 bollard pulls and a 2,500 tonner tanker.

This can lead to a cutting edge advantage in drilling support and production unit technology within the marine terrain, most especially in Africa Sub-regions.