In terms of experience, we can provide clients with a boat that is critical to their needs and also back it up with full technical maintenance, management and manning support.

We have developed a marine management team based in “Olokola” Ondo State of Nigeria and Port-Harcourt River State of Nigeria with 26 staff comprising Engineers, and management professionals with years of experience and know-how for our operations.

Our activities centered around our own private Jetty and shoreline which eventually can be developed to a supply base. We are still acquiring more shore lines that can also be developed to a private “Slipway”, so that we can be able to repair our own vessels which will be a huge benefit, because there are no private slipway within three or four days of steering around the Gulf of Guinea. This will give us sufficient time to conduct maintenance on vessels between contracts. By this proposition we would be able to save money and match the needs of our clients.

Furthermore, supply base and slipway coupled with acquiring of modern vessels would give us a competitive advantage. Development of “Supply Base” is of paramount importance to Marine operations.

We observed that major project going on by “Shell’s prelude floating project”, Mobil Oil, LNG project and other multinational oil company projects in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea. Angola, Gabon, Ghana, and Mozambique recent gas discovery, needs offshore bases where supply can be services for their respective projects is highly essential. Currently, because there is no major supply bases for Africa sub-region. Our operation shall focus on this issue. Presently oil and gas projects are been serviced by terminals and free zone ports, where other companies are sharing the facilities.