Our Team

Kingsley OlajideAmodu

CEO / Co-Founder

Industrial Engineering, 1977, [CUNY] city University of New-York. MBA, International Business Operations 1979 (Long Island University) Graduate School of Business Administration. Professional Engineering Accreditation New York State, U.S.A 1981. P.E Certified Equipment Appraisal (CEA) State of New Jersey (1986).

  • Early experience with United State Marine corps, with solid training in Marine operations and human management.
  • Early experience in environmental engineering and drilling concepts with Conoco Philips Petroleum Corporation at Linden New Jersey and Port-Fusion Gulf of Mexico U.S.A coupled with Technical responsibility with Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Nigeria. 1981-1993
  • Manager of calibration NNPC, Port Harcourt 1986-1993
  • Presently, directing the affairs of Interglobal Energy and Marine Services Group Concepts, which includes Drilling concepts, Off-shore Marine work, and Marine logistics support services.
  • Involved in Marine operations in Dredging and reclamation Projects around Ikorodu and Lekki Axis of Lagos State, also Elelenwo settlement in Port-Harcourt River State of Nigeria till date.
  • A consultant of Conco Philips Petroleum Corporation at (Linden Refinery) New Jersey U.S.A till 2010 August.

Area of Specialization includes:

Import and export terminal operations, environmental Engineering services, drilling operational concepts and marine support logistics activities. Since he founded Interglobal Energy Marine Services Inc.in 2004. Mr. Amodu has molded (IEMS) from a small group specializing in environmental engineering firms in the country. Mr. Amodu discretely built on its foundation, steadily expanding (IEMS); scope of services and private clients. He bought in key people with wide range of expertise in Marine engineering and management; they help manage the company and provided the technical excellence and personal services that have become the hallmarks of Interglobal energy and marine services success.

  • As CEO, Mr. Amodu is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of inter global energy and marine services. With a focus on maintaining high quality services standard while increasing market share and expanding services globally.
  • Mr. Amodu has over thirty years’ experience in Marine science, engineering and Management covering environmental and energy programmers. Mr. Amodu actively participates in all business development and management activities within inter global energy and marine services concepts. He has excelled over the years in promoting excellent client relationships leading to both successful acquisition of New York for the company as well as ensuring satisfactory performance of ongoing assignment. The performance which led to the granting of licensed by United States Department of energy since 2008 till date.
  • And also leading to the granting of license for offshore marine operations and logistics support services on specialized category by NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation since 2009 till date.
  • As an Engineer and Management Expert, Mr. Amodu directs and manages all of inter global group operations. As part of these responsibilities, Mr. Amodu overseas the planning and implementation of all major projects, addressing such issues as work scope development, budgeting, scheduling and technical approach.
  • After graduating from the City University of New York with a B.SC Industrial Engineering and prior to founding (IEMS) Mr. Amodu worked for Conoco Philips Petroleum Company for many years as an Engineer and served in operations maintenance and engineering roles on projects in several continents, Mr. Amodu also spent 10 years as consultant of Conoco Philips Petroleum on several offshore projects which includes power and offshore activities.
  • Through these experiences Mr. Amodu has developed a proficiency in successfully dealing with couple of technical and community issues, many of which are at odds. He is able to balance these conflicting objectives in development of a consensus approach for the successful completion of important infrastructure improvement projects. Mr. Kingsley Amodu is a professional Engineering with accreditation from New Jersey State U.S.A. Since 1981.

Professional Affiliations

A member of petroleum Associations of America (PAA) American Institute of professional engineers (fellow) P.E. A member of American Management Association since 1979 (AMA). Currently, Mr. Kingsley Amodu is into marine operations which include:

  • Marine Works Operations
  • Drilling Operational Concepts
  • Marine Logistics and Maritime Services
  • Environmental Engineering Concepts

Marine works with specialization in exploration and development of Oil and Gas well in terms of drilling and seismic support services.

Marine construction activities for drilling concepts as well as managerial maintenance of support vessels with actual manning of drilling-rigs procurements of marine equipment’s with spare parts.

  • Environmental Engineering in terms of Degassing and Degreasing of crude oil and gas tanks and bottom, and recycling of waste oil for processing. Pigging and clearing of petrochemical facilities. Marine waste management and control of pollutions.
  • Logistics in term of support vessel for drilling operation, movement of maritime materials to and fro on-shore and off-shore, and Maritime services, couple with total logistics operations within Sea, Air and Land.

Our operations are based on each on each company with its own independent outfit they are as follows:

Interglobal Energy Services, For Environmental engineering and refineries maintenance.

Interglobal Off-shore Marine works, support for production and development of oil and gas well construction; and total outfit for manning operations, coupled with equipment, and spare parts procurements.

Interglobal Drilling Concepts, for drilling operations, in terms of well engineering construction and maintenance support services.

Interglobal marine and logistics Trust, for vessels and cargo operations maintenance which involves Air, Land, and Sea with total Marine transportation Logistics services.

We are licensed to operate this equipment within Nigerian offshore lines. Meanwhile potential contracts are also lined up for operational use of these equipment’s on leasing basis

Ron Krönen

Managing Director

Managing Director Ron Krönen is a seasoned executive advisory solutions professional with over 25 years of experience. He attended Franklin University located in Lugano, Switzerland where he studied International Economics and Human Capital Management Human Resources as dual majors. He has traveled and lived throughout the world and is trilingual.

He was a principal partner at Project Objectives LLC. (an IBM alliance company) staffed software development engineers for IBM’s 3090xx series. Later he joined an Oracle Business Alliance Member, DataForce UK, as the Director of Recruiting (South Eastern USA and Latin America.) After his stay with DataForce, Ron started ERP Source, which evolved into The SourceGroup.

After a successful merger with American Recruiters Intl., he moved forward with the startup of E-TECH SOLUTIONS (assisting with silicon chip development that supported LeapFrog Toys “MindStation” and “LeapPad” product lines) later he started KRÖN-TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LLC (SAP IT Consulting/Staffing firm for ERP Architecture). Today, and since May 2008 he is CEO of STAFF IT Enterprises a business conglomerate that supports outsourced recruitment solutions and its sister company Defense Aerospace Integrations Partners, a joint Military Integration Consulting firm, and is the founder of the KrönenGroup; a firm that specializes in procurement and sales of Offshore Oil Rigs and Heavy industrial Steel / Ore Mining equipment.

During his career Ron has held (contract engagements with every one of the so called “BIG 8” now known to the management consulting community as the “BIG 4”) Ron and his team are currently attached and on assignment as a Strategic Alliance Partner to and with Hitachi Consulting Corp since May 2011.

Other ventures Mr. Krönen founded and championed include:

Boat Sales of America Inc., Miami Florida USA / Hamburg Germany / Samara Russia
Owned and managed a very successful international Boat Dealership “Boat Sales of America Inc.” This business had its showroom and offices at the Haulover Marine Center 1500 Collins Avenue Miami, Florida. In the first year we sold over 50 boats and by the 3rd year we had 2 franchises globally (Hamburg, Germany and Samara, Russia) and 3 locations in the USA, 2 in Miami and another in Sunny Isles Beach Florida with both sales and rental divisions.

We competed in the world Offshore Powerboat Racing “ OPR” Power boat races and came in 3rd place in 1993, which was collaboration with the Pantera Racing Team and Mercruiser Engineering. Tara Enterprises Ltd.  Miami Florida USA / Samara Russia  Heavy Industrial Equipment Sales Division. Established business relationships in Russia and was successful in selling Caterpillar and John Deere Excavation and Pipe Laying equipment used for development of the Siberian natural gas pipelines. Responsibilities included: Procurement and bidding for used heavy industrial earth moving equipment for Siberian Gas Pipeline exploration and was responsible for procuring this equipment for my clients (in Moscow and Samara, Russia). Was also responsible for shipping this equipment and prepared all titles and international tax reporting for export of this equipment. Traveled to Russia / Germany and other eastern bloc countries on numerous occasions. For additional information about Ron, please email Ron@KronenGroup.com.

Bernard Ennis, P.E.

Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.)

As an American expatriate, He is the Chief Operating Director/COD; he has over 40 years of exercise with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) and ABB Lummis Global in a wide variety of technical, management and executive posts. He has specific licensing, process design and engineering, project management, safety management and international experience relevant to Oil and Gas industry. Among other assignments, Mr. Ennis was Manager-Basic Engineering for (KBR) when his engineer performed the NAFCON project at port Harcourt, Nigeria in the mid- 1980’s. He has also worked on the advanced Construction Management Systems task force for the Construction Industry Institute. Mr. Ennis is also a partner in Interglobal energy and Marine Services Inc. USA.

Kehinde Kenny Efunpo

Executive Director

An Experienced Industrialist and international trade Consultant, who specializes in international relations, property management consulting, capital project and heavy equipment financing, is also Oil & Gas engineering services consultant expert. Kenny uses his prolific management and international leadership skills to develop and grow companies and governmental relation in international trade and has also been instrumental in assisting Nigerian Banks in seeking and brokering deals by way of securing MOUs from the Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) in the present Nigerian Bank Mr. Efunpo, a licensed Assets Property Managers, joins the Board of Directors of AGPGC with over thirty years of international financing and business experience, and is the current Chairman of “all African Nations – Houston African Community International (HACI) USA. He has held directorship roles at various companies including A.A. Capital funding, Abraham (NIG), a consulting and property management Firm. Abraham (Nig). Consulting and still active in Inter-governmental relations and policy making. A member of African Business development Council of Greater Houston Partnership, Kenny currently serves on the chairman of Board, Abraham Global Petrochemical & Gas, he was the past vice past Vice Chairman and former President of the seventy –five old African-American Chamber of Commerce, Houston Citizen Chamber of Commerce and also former Vice Chairman, international trade of the same institution. He was awarded Distinguished Service Award recipient in 2006 by the Houston Citizen Chamber of Mr. Efunpo graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree in Public Affair and Political Science, from the Texas Southern University has also acquired numerous professional Currently Mr. Efunpo is with Interglobal Energy Ltd, where he has been contributing his wealth of experiences on the growth of Interglobal Energy and Marine Services, both in Nigeria and United States of America.

Rene Hendor (BSME)

General Manager – Offshore

Has been active in Marine and Petrochemical cleaning industries currently with marine b.” of Holland as a director. Mr. Hendor has over 30 years of relevant project management and international experience in Tank Cleaning Maintenance, Chemical and Equipment Supplies. He will also advice Interglobal consistently to bring the best ideas to expand our Fledging market and assure profitable market network implementation. He has wide experience in Marine chemical and related technologies and has implemented numerous projects worldwide. Contracts was signed with Marine by of Holland for Mr. Hendor to come Nigeria and train the Nigerian staff, he is currently on the ground.

Alhaji Mohammed Idris

General Manager, Port & Terminals

Educational Training

  • 1983 – 1987: HND Transport Management, Centre for Business Studies, Greenwish College, Meridian House London SE 10
  • 1989 – 1990: Msc Maritime Studies, University of Wales, College of Cardiff

Seminar and Short Courses

United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Strategic Planning for Senior Shipping Transport Manager.

Work Experience

  • 1987 – 1989: Bristol Port Authority, Bristol England
    Trainee Container Terminal Officer: During my ephemeral but resourceful period at Bristol Port, He was responsible for organizing the Container Terminal stacking system and the categorization of containers. He was also involved in the preparation of the ten year development plan intended to upgrade the Port to European Community Standard.
  • 1990 – To Date: D.S.P Express Distribution, 88 Ley Street, Essex IGI 4BX
    Project Manager: My responsibilities include scheduling and arranging the dispersal of cargoes throughout Europe.  He was responsible solely for economic routes planning and personnel coordination. Furthermore, I am responsible for contract negotiation and an investment appraisal. In addition to the above, He also performs intra-industry comparisons and system evaluation. Of paramount important is my experience of commitment budget which has been incorporation into the company’s planning cycle.

Alhaji Idris has acquired more than 20 years of Marine and Port Management Experience. He is currently with Interglobal as a General Manager Ports and Terminal Operations.

Adebowale Afolabi

Company Secretary, Legal

Adebowale is a Nigerian; he is very initiative and place value on integrity, passion for delivery, success, excellence and responsibility. Debo started his career in core litigation and solicitors’ work which exposed him to active law practice. He has worked with couple of law firms in Nigeria before A’riola & Associates. Well-seasoned lawyer with expertise in litigation and private commercial law practice, and quantitate years of experience.

He has been involved in rendering services to client in Corporate Commercial Transactions, environmental Law, Taxation, Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance, Immigration Law and Maritime Law (Shipping and sabotage).

His desire is to specialize in Oil & Gas Maritime.

Having handled instruction raging from Commercial transactions, Debo has hands on understanding of various spheres of law and he is ever ready to deliver.

With an exceptional skill in Project monitoring and management, Debo has innate skills to flawlessly monitor all activities he is involved, ensuring that all of this produce immediate and fruitful results.

He was called into Nigerian Bar 10 years ago.Debo possess a loyal and confidential personality and love to play chess.He is a member of the Nigerian bar Association, International Bar Association and an Associate of Certified Institute of shipping of Nigeria.

Mr. Adebowale is currently with Interglobal Energy and Marine Services Limited as a company Secretary and Legal Adviser.